Juicylab was launched in 2020 as a collective of wine label designers and wine makers. We help you create private labels that increase your profit margins.

Just select one of our wine labels and tell us what wine you want in the bottle. With our extensive network of winemakers we will find you the optimal winery partner.

Let's create your story!

Conditions JuicyLab
  • We produce wine labels that are created to stand out from the competition. Regardless if it’s on a supermarket shelf or in a restaurant, our brands are designed to attract attention.

  • Choose from our portfolio and get a contract for global exclusivity. This means that no one in the world will be selling the same brand as you. Your clients won't be able to compare prices, achieve freedom in setting your own margins.

  • We will support you with the lowest minimum orders in the industry, just two pallets (1200 bottles) per wine selection. For orders of five pallets (3000 bottles) or more, we assume the cost of printing labels.

  • Our wine label designs are created by well known wine label designers who are recognized for their clarity of expression within their particular style.

  • We are experts in private labeling for the wine industry; create a unique wine brand together with our award winning wine label designers.

  • We are giving you individual consultancy for naming, content, and label ideas. We can design the final touches as per request or start an individual branding just for you.

Label & Branding JuicyLab
Wine Sourcing JuicyLab
  • After you have selected one of our brands, we source the appropiate wine. In this way we are assuring that the final product is unique and exactly what your clients are looking for.

  • With the help of our global network of winemakers we assist you in the sourcing of wines at all price points. Our partner company for sourcing is: 


  • After the wine samples are approved the process is swift, expect delivery in less than 45 days.

  • Once we have found the right winery partner, JuicyLab takes care of the rest. From printing your private design to labelling and palletizing your cases.

  • We think we have created the easiest way to launch a new wine brand, start by scrolling through the artists we have contracted so far in the next section.

  • We hope you enjoy our collection and that you find something that resonates. Keep updated with the upcoming designs.

Selling Wine JuicyLab