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Welcoming Cruz Liljegren, JuicyLab’s first Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Press release.

cruz liljegren
Cruz Liljegren was born in Stockholm (Sweden) in 1987 and is the first CSO of JuicyLab.

Cruz Liljegren has been appointed as the Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer at JuicyLab. In his role as CSO, Cruz Liljegren will spearhead JuicyLab’s strategy work and will be responsible for leading the major business strategy projects. As one of the biggest shareholders in JuicyLab, Cruz Liljegren will be a highly motivated CSO with proven capacities to lead strategic work.

“For me one of the key things I’m here for is to validate the business model. The big question is if we will be able to unlock synergies from this partnership between a wine brokerage and a design agency”, said Cruz Liljegren.

One of Cruz Liljegren’s chief duties will entail responsibility for continuous development of our relationship with clients, and to ensure that our strategy is always relevant and aligned with prevailing market conditions. One of the most central areas is to develop our portfolio of artists and wine labels, and to make a collaboration with JuicyLab a profitable business partner for our artists. This area of responsibility also includes JuicyLab’s clients, where KPI’s such as customer satisfaction will be closely monitored.

Cruz Liljegren joins JuicyLab after Premium Wine Broker, a wine brokerage company that he founded in 2017. At Premium Wine Broker he helped develop the private label business of several major European wine distributors and supermarkets.

Commenting on the appointment, Jan Hagen, Director of Marketing of JuicyLab says “Cruz Liljegren had a wide network and established relationship with a wide variety of wineries in several countries. This is something that will benefit JuicyLab as our ability to source the right wines for our clients will be of fundamental importance to the business model. Further more, Cruz Liljegren has a deep insight in what is lacking in the private label-space of the wine industry”.

“I am very motivated and excited to take one of the leading roles on this journey with JuicyLab, comments Cruz Liljegren. “I’ll be simultaneously working with my established clients at Premium Wine Broker, something I know has the potential to bring in new clients to JuicyLab”, said Cruz Liljegren who will assume his position by March 1, at the latest.

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What is JuicyLab?

JuicyLab is an entirely new type of service in private labelling for the wine business. In essence it’s a specialised wine label design agency merged with a wine brokerage. Clients get global exclusivity on the design they chose, and only pay for the volume of wine purchased. JuicyLab is a startup with global ambitions. Official launch is planned for March 2020.

Further information:

Jan Hagen at info@juicy-lab.com