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Premium Wine Broker signs acquisition agreement to form JuicyLab

Press release.

Wine brokerage firm Premium Wine Broker today announced its acquisition of a Barcelona based label design agency to create JuicyLab. Together the two companies now form the first ever constellation of a label design agency and a wine brokerage firm. The complementary nature of the two companies present substantial opportunity for synergies.

“Over my more than 10 years in the wine industry I’ve seen an increased focus on packaging and design, said Cruz Liljegren, key stakeholder in Premium Wine Broker and newly assigned Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer (CSO) at JuicyLab. “Everyone has quality wine today, so the main point of difference lies in the experience surrounding the actual liquid”. At JuicyLab we must lead that development and provide an exceptional experience to everyone that comes close to one of our bottles, said Cruz Liljegren.

“One of the innovations of JuicyLab lies in the way we have chosen to pay our designers”, said Jan Hagen, Director of MArketing at JuicyLab. “We were tired of seeing wineries taking all the profits of successful wine brands, and wanted to create a possibility for designers to take part of the risks and rewards.” Our artist agreement therefore takes inspiration from Spotify and includes regular payouts to the artists in accordance to the performance of their designs on the market. “We have decided to take a completely new bet on how we pay the designers that produce our labels” said Jan Hagen.

Combined company to be named JuicyLab and to be co-headquartered in Barcelona, Spain

  • First merger between a wine brokerage and an design agency

  • Significant synergy opportunities with strong platform for organic growth

  • Implementing regular payout system to designers similar to music streaming companies

  • Team with more than 20 years combined experience in wine and design

What is JuicyLab?

JuicyLab is an entirely new type of service in private labelling for the wine business. In essence it’s a specialised wine label design agency merged with a wine brokerage. Clients get global exclusivity on the design they chose, and only pay for the volume of wine purchased. JuicyLab is a Barcelona-based startup with global ambitions. Official launch is planned for March 2020.

For further information contact Jan Hagen at info@juicy-lab.com