• Team JuicyLab

JuicyLab – the new way to launch a wine brand!

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

JuicyLab is a new service for wine distributors, retailers and everyone else that is about to create a private label wine. Our aim is to be the cheapest and fastest way to launch a new brand on the market. In this post we explain how we help our clients to launch a new wine brand in less than 45 days.

Over the past decade we have seen an increased competition amongst wine brands. We estimate that the amount of active wine brands in the global market has increased with more than 150 percent during the last 10 years. The younger generation of wine drinkers is less interested in finding “their” favourite brand, and more inclined to a constant exploration. This trend can partly be explained by the fact that there are much less bad wine on the market, the risk of selecting an unappealing bottle nowadays is lower than ever.

Wine brands ready to be put in production

Wine producers and distributors are seeing a reduced lifecycle of many of their wine brands. Leading wineries like E & J Gallo are constantly creating new products, something that was not the case in the past. Brand loyalty has been decreasing over the last years. Partly because of changing demographics but also because the high cost in achieving customer recognition for a new wine brand. JuicyLab is a portfolio of wine brands ready to be put in production on demand. We assist wine distributors and retailers with their ambitions of having a dynamic and ever changing portfolio.

Top quality sourcing included

Just select one of our wine brands and tell us what you want to have in the bottle. The sourcing of your wine is included in the service. With the help of our global network of winemakers we assist you in the sourcing of stellar quality wines in all price points. In this way you will end up with a final product that is entirely unique to you, custom made for the liking of your clients.

Guaranteed global exclusivity

Global exclusivity is included with all of our brands. This means that no one in the world will be selling the same brand as you. It’s a brilliant way to eliminate the possibility to compare your prices with competitors. Achieve freedom in setting your own margins, that’s one of the many benefits selecting your label from JuicyLab.

Who is behind JuicyLab?

One of the founders of JuicyLab is the Barcelona-based Cruz Liljegren of Premium Wine Broker. Cruz has delivered premium, so called “Boutique Bulk”, bulk wine to some of the largest retailers globally for several years. As one of the few brokers in the industry with a Sommelier-background he has managed to build a stellar reputation in wine sourcing over the last 5 years. Cruz and his business partner Jan Hagen from the Berlin design scene saw obvious synergies in merging a wine brokerage with a design studio.