• Team JuicyLab

How to find the right wine label designer?

Yassine Chenna "floating shapes" (2020)

SELECTING THE RIGHT WINE LABEL DESIGNER: One of the most common questions we get is about what designer to choose. At JuicyLab we currently list 9 different designers, each with their unique style.

Yes, that's right. Just as tattoo artists have their own specialties, graphic designers secretly have too. We work with artists with styles as diverse as classical painting, street-art, graphic design and illustration specialists. When creating one of our JuicyLab designs, they are in a team with our in-house wine label designer. A very important aspect, because when creating wine labels there are certain aspects unique to wine that needs to be considered.

But don't be scared, if you choose JuicyLab as your wine label designer you can rest assure that all these details will be taken into account. Some of the most successful designs we have seen all share a common thing. They are keeping it simple, they have a relaxed and confident quality that does not try to prove itself too hard.

The best way to select a designer is bt taking a look at their previous work, and selecting an artist that you resonate with. In the end, YOU are the wine that will sell the wine, so choosing a design that you feel passionate about will be extremely important.