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FAQ: Alcohol free wine

At JuicyLab we source the base wines for our alcohol free wines in Italy, Spain and Germany. The characters we are looking for in this sourcing process are well defined. Our experience in the technique of vacuum evaporation has made it clear that some wines are more suitable that others. While some of our competitors in the alcohol free business are adding artificial flavours to their wines, we have opted for a more natural approach. Indeed the only additions we apply is sulfur dioxide, concentrated grape must and for the sparkling wines, carbon dioxide.

We travel extensively in wine regions to source as good wine we can for our clients. It's a hard job, but someone has to do it! ;) We believe that it’s mainly the selection of the wineries and vineyards we buy from that makes the alcohol free wines by JuicyLab stand out.

Why is there sugar in your alcohol free wines?

Another factor that is important is the level of sugar in the wines. This is a part that many buyers need to be educated in. We often get request for alcohol free wines with no sugar. This does not exist in the market for a very good reason. It tastes like flavoured water. Absolutely horrible! The alcohol is a very important component of a wine because it gives weight (mouthfeel) to the wine. It also helps with releasing the aromas in your month.

So how much sugar do we add?

We add neutral tasting concentrated grape must to improve the mouthfeel and texture of the wine. This is the most natural way to improve the viscosity of an alcohol free wine. Alternatives like Gummi Arabicum is commonly used by other producers, but we have opted for a more natural approach. The exact amount always depends on the wine, but proximately from 20 to 45 grams per liter.

Are there any trace amounts of alcohol in the wines?

Tes, from 0,1% to 0,3%

Is there consistency in your productions year to year?

Absolute, we don’t change the wines we make if we have clients buyer them. It’s important that the final consumer can recognise that brands keep within their style.

What is the shelf life of alcohol free wine?

It depends on the wine you will use, but roughly 24 months or longer.

What is the lead time of production?

One month from payment to delivery. During summer it can take up to 45 days.

What are the payment conditions?

Always EXW and 100% advance payment for new clients.

Do you offer external packaging such as custom made boxes?

We don't do this.

Does your facilities have excise numbers?

Yes, all our locations have excise numbers.

Can you help us ship the bottles to my country?

No. We only work with ex-works conditions. We don't do transportation.

Have you compiled some information on the service you offer?

Yes, you can read about it more in detail on the service page for alcohol free wine.

Can we use one of the wine label designs on the site?

Yes, we can convert them for cans for a one time fee.

What is your MOQ for alcohol free wine?

Our MOQ is 1100 bottles per reference. This is 2 pallets. You cannot mix different wines in a palet. We are proud of having the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry.

What sizes of bottle can I choose from?

Only 75cl, and for some wines also 0,25cl bottle.

How will the wines be delivered?

Euro pallet with neutral cases of 6, without inner divider.

What is the weight and dimensions of a full pallet of alcohol free wine?

Hight > 1420 mm

Length > 1200 mm

Width > 800 mm

Weight > 802 kg

What is the weight and dimensions of a full pallet of Sparkling alcohol free wine?

Hight > 1740 mm

Length > 1200 mm

Width > 800 mm

Weight > 851 kg

How do I place an order?

Mail in your order to > info@juicy-lab.com