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Canned wine is booming and is, together with alcohol-free wine, the only wine segment that enjoys a two figure increase in sales annually.


At JuicyLab we can help you with everything from sourcing the wine, designing the cans, and finally, filling them in the best wine canning facility close to your clients. Just ask us for a quote with the form below.

  • Because of the low competition in the canned wine market, distributors have seen large year or year increased of the canned wine brands.

  • Nielsen reported a 43 percent increase in canned wine sales in 2017 and a 69 percent increase in 2018. We are still waiting for the data from 2019 but we are expecting a similar two figure growth.

  • Wine in can legally be canned in 187ml, 250ml, 355ml, 500ml sizes, but the most common ones are 187ml and 250ml.

  • According to the ´Wine in a Can report, 2019´  by WIC Research, wine in cans is a segment that is early in its Product Life Cycle. 

  • The implications of this is that the negative effects of promotional pricing to increase sales have less of an impact. The price war has not yet begun in canned wine, meaning that the margins of the distributors will be protected. 

  • The current retail price range for 250ml cans is roughly from €2.5-€7.0, and for 375ml cans about 5.0€-20.0€. Consumers are prepared to pay for the benefits that canned wine are providing. 

  • Sustainable (compared to glass bottles)


  • Wine quality is maintained with no additions of SO2

  • Portion control and variety 

  • Visual image 

  • Convenience 

  • JuicyLab has developed strong relationships with the best wine canning facilities.

  • To date we offer canning in the France, Germany, Spain, England and Austria.

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