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Christian Bjurinder is a freelance graphic designer, working with packaging design & branding for primarily wine and spirits. He lives in Varberg on the west-coast of Sweden from where he does his work remotely with clients all over the world.

His designs has something as ordinary as a lamp shade can make for an interesting label design. Apart from working with private labels, Christian is very well known for his work in spirits and other alcoholic beverages. For the occasional requests we we get for spirit label design we usually recommend to work with Christian. 


Scott Gray is a citizen of the world, he is an artistic nomad who draws inspiration from his visits to many lands like Japan, Mexico or India. His artistic passion was first awoken by graphic story tellers such as Brian Bolland, Bill Sienkiewicz, Steve Dillon and Dave Gibbons. These comic-book maestros provided his signature style, one which repurposes the symbols of popular culture, especially those from the world of dance music.

His imagination fired by comic-book heroes, he began to explore the artistic roots of his mentors. Soon, he discovered a shared love of 1960s pop art luminaries including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jasper Johns along with sculptors, Jacob Epstein and Umberto Boccioni. These trailblazers would give Chapter an added depth to his developing visual soundtrack.


Jacob Kjærgaard-Taustrup is an danish autodidact artist. Through curiosity and self-study he has learned himself different painting techniques. Jacob has teached classes in painting and is always curious about other people's approach to art. His style has developed through the years, but his love for colours is everlasting. He never knows where the painting process might lead him, the starting point is more a feeling than a clear vision of an image.

Trying to give a vibrant and explosive feel to the painting he always let the texture and energy of the paint set the speed. Colors are added in playful ways through high or low movements, sometimes in energetic splashes other times in more suttel slowdancing patterns. Pouring, painting, turning and twisting. He is always exploring and challenging the painting in his pursuit to surprise the spectator.


Valentina Leiva is a Colombian designer that is famous for her unique pieces for lighting and interior design. Her work uses different geometry, patterns and tones of light for an unconscious stimulus on our brain. Her work in wine labels is diverse, but always with a focus on how light reflects from the label

She always likes to project her roots, her country and her home in her designs, giving them a touch of natural and organic elements mixed with geometrical shapes, creating a perfect balance in one peace. She creates a deeper connection between design, space and people in her art work.

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Art has always been a massive part of Yassine life. Through his journeys, he had the chance to interact with people from various artistic, cultural and professional backgrounds and he quickly discovered a passion for graphic design. The power of his art lays in his omnipresence, creativity and diversity. He has built the confidence to communicate with people and adapt to different professional situations. 

Yassines paintings are to explore how abstractionists attempted to reveal principles of the universe that are hidden in the outward appearance of life. Through a range of the abstract expression of emotions and colors to attempt the non-figurative and  non-objective interpretations of life, with a focus on the influence of abstract art. Introducing the fundamental drawing techniques to deconstruct and reconstruct basic organic and geometric shapes to explore how art approached the problem of space and movement in two-dimensional practices. 


Esra Rotthoff graduated with a PhD in art. With a background in classical painting, and looking at cinema as ultimate inspiration, she creates photographic and video work by building spontaneous or extremely pre-meditated stages in which the people portrayed become performers. Esras style as wine label designer is urban and raw, we think her labels would suit a natural wine perfectly

As a visual artist, Rotthoff always kept her love for the analog way of documenting moments of her life in sketchbooks. She composes sceneries with portraits and text as time documents of urban life and human connections. Strong colors and quotes have been initial for her style to portray contemporary lifestyle in Berlin and all around the world.


Stine Dahlman is a New York based visual storyteller, with a background in fashion and costume design. Curious to challenge the mind beyond the real, Stine thrives in creative collaborations where she can create, test, explore, and develop concepts with others. Her wine label designs are sure to make an impact on the supermarket shelf or as by the glass selection

Stine works in mixed media compositions to create fantastical characters and visualize emotion. The process explores transformation, texture, tension, and conflict. Stesichorus is a collage based on Geryon, the three-bodied monster, slain by Heracles. It is a reflection on the sympathy and humanization of the monster in the 6th century BC poem by Stesichorus.

Caleb Screpnek

Armed with an eye for the essential and a taste for the absurd, Caleb Screpnek illustrates moments both imagined and experienced. He has worked as a writer, stand-up comedian, and fine artist, but now uses illustration as a means of fusing all three roots into something beautiful. While the works are colored digitally, each one begins with paper and pen as the analog process is what it's all about.

Growing up in central Canada, landscapes are often blanketed in white sheets of thick snow. Objects and figures are not stated but merely suggested through silhouettes and soft forms. These series explores the relationship between vast empty spaces and the scarce figures which inhabit them. 


Jantus is an international artist formed in Universidad de Arte de Buenos Aires (Argentina) and in Richard Sturgeon’s workshop, which he attended for six years. Jantus is mostly famous for his big format artworks inspired by bad painting and art brut. His art has been exhibited in Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Tokyo. Jantus wine label style works best for a millennial wine consumer, or anyone knowledgeable in the world of paining

Fast and rough brushstrokes, rhythm, dynamism. Vibrant compositions of vivid and saturated colours that do not let the spectator’s eyes stop. There is a wild jumping atmosphere around the whole plane of inescapable, hyperactive brightness that calls the attention to all places at once. The overall sense of explosiveness comes from the gestures which are bold and almost brutal. 

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Descending from a long tradition of Danish designs we find Helena Lehn. She is a Danish industrial designer that is currently highly demanded for her wine label design. With a driven interest and passion in other countries and cultures she concentrates on working with designing objects for optimizing living standards.

Although she has spent most of her life in Scandinavia, her designs tend to have a tropical warmth with a simple Nordic touch. She pays tribute to her love for the ocean and vegetation, most often so in faded colors.


Monika Mohr taught herself the different painting techniques in self-study. Monika is an autodidact, open to different styles and work with different techniques, intuitively, without knowing where the painting process leads her to.

The color is always the starting point of her painting and the main focus is the creative power of the painting process. After the color conditioning, either puttied, painted or scratched, the picture develops after constantly viewing through new color impressions. 

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Sophia Melone is one of the last real unicorns! A playful artsy berliner, currently working in the german capital as a 3D-printer and graffiti-artist. Born in the 90s, she is a typical multi-interested and spontaneous creator. Her career led her over screen printing, painting and tattooing, several performances and exhibitions can be visited, where she mostly combines her skills as a crafty woman with other fun and talented artists from all over the world.

Her imagination fired by comic-book heroes, she began to explore the artistic roots of her mentors. Soon, she discovered a shared love of 1960s pop art luminaries including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jasper Johns along with sculptors, Jacob Epstein and Umberto Boccioni. These trailblazers would give Chapter an added depth to her developing visual soundtrack.

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