Distributors are enjoying the low taxation and free international trade that alcohol free wines facilitates. The competition is still low due to two main reasons. First, the machines used in the process are expensive. Second, most available brands on the market fails to grab the attention of the consumers. 


This is giving distributors a unique opportunity to create their own alcohol free wine brands and outsourcing the production. International distributors and wine importers are starting to realise that alcohol free wine is one of the lowest hanging fruits of the coming two to five years. 

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  • Nielsen reported a global 25 % increase in alcohol free wine sales in 2019. It’s predicted that all wine distributors will have alcohol free wines in the near future.

  • The competition is still low, brand owners that are creating something different that catches the eye are well positioned to succeed.

  • In the UK, US, Germany and other major markets alcohol consumption is in long-term decline.

  • Alcohol free wine is one of the strongest trends in the wine business. Only canned wine is growing at a faster pace.

  • Google trends show that the search term "Alcohol Free Wine" has been reaching higher searches almost every single year since 2013. 

  • Consumers are searching for alcohol free wines, but few distributors are aware.

Yassine Chenna Design
  • We are taking care of printing your labels, having them sent to the winery and applying them on your bottles.

  • Buy the wine from one of our top modern alcohol free wine facilities and we will make the customisations together, such as brand name and legal information.

  • Select a label design from our catalog, or get help creating one from scratch with the help of our team of graphic designers.

  • The team at JuicyLab has established relationships with the best alcohol free wine producers in Europe and the United States.

  • Our alcohol free wines are made from popular varieties such as Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. We also offer sparkling wine options.

  • Working with JuicyLab reduces your financial risk – we provide low minimum orders of 2 pallets per reference.