• Nielsen reported a 43 percent increase in canned wine sales in 2017 and a 69 percent increase in 2018. We are still waiting for the data from 2019 but we are expecting a similar two figure growth.

  • Wine in can legally be canned in 187ml, 250ml, 355ml, 500ml sizes, but the most common ones are 187ml and 250ml.

  • Sustainable (compared to glass bottles), wine quality is maintained with no additions of SO2, portion control and variety, visual image and convenience.

  • After you have selected one of our brands, we source the appropiate wine. In this way we are assuring that the final product is unique and exactly what your clients are looking for.

  • With the help of our global network of winemakers we assist you in the sourcing of wines at all price points. Our partner company for sourcing is PREMIUM WINE BROKER

  • After the wine samples are approved the process is swift, expect delivery in less than 45 days.

  • Our wine label designs are created by well known wine label designers who are recognized for their clarity of expression within their particular style.

  • Choose from our portfolio and get a contract for global exclusivity. This means that no one in the world will be selling the same brand as you. Your clients won't be able to compare prices, achieve freedom in setting your own margins.

  • We are giving you individual consultancy for naming, content, and label ideas. You can choose an already existing label or start an individual branding. We will support you with the lowest minimum orders in the industry, just two pallets (1200 bottles) per wine selection.